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Rob's Rumblings
Scottish Independence
The Vaccines Conspiracy
The Moonlanding Conspiracy
The Right Tool for The Job

Rob's Rumblings
Sometimes you just need to say something. Get it out there. Get the weight off your chest. This is where I do that. Read on for my thoughts on various subjects. I don't for a second expect everyone to agree with everything I say, but I feel many people will see some truth to my waffling as, to me, it just seems like common sense.
Current Rumbles
  • Scottish Independence
    Hot topic of the moment, with a lot of vague information and FUD flying around.
  • The Vaccines Conspiracy
    Answering some of the most common arguments some people put forward against the use of vaccines
  • The Moonlanding Conspiracy
    Similar to vaccines above. I really didn't think many people believed every conspiracy theory out there, but hey...
  • The Right Tool for The Job
    One for the engineers out there. I straighten out some pet peeves of mine to do with people using the wrong tools.


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