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Wow, where do I start? Well, for those of you who are too young to remember (or were otherwise absent during the late 80s and early 90s), the Amiga is a type of computer and operating system combination, like the PC and Windows that everyone knows, or the Apple Mac and Mac OS. In fact, for many years the Amiga and Mac were close relatives, having a lot in common both hardware and software wise. However, unlike the PC and Mac, Amiga's parent company - Commodore (see, you have heard of them!) - went bankrupt in 1994, and so they've pretty much disappeared from computing history at this stage. However, because they were so ahead of their time when they were released, and because the way they work is so logical and easy to learn, they still have a small but dedicated fan base, even now, 22 years after the demise of Commodore. You can read more about the history of the Amiga by clicking here.

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